Agile & Technology Consultancy

Use Agile to make your business work better

More adaptive

Quicker delivery

Agile delivery methods allow faster delivery of projects and initiatives. Get a product, feature or initiative from idea to market more quickly means your business is rewarded with value more often.

React to change

Agile methods use incremental delivery methods, in short iterations. This means your business change its mind cost effectively, when you need to adapt to changing market conditions or requirements.

Better value

Cost effective

Using Agile you will deliver the highest value from your project or initiative first. This makes it both cost-effective to your business, and lucrative to your customers at the same time.

Happier customers

Because Agile only delivers higher value items, features or initiatives, it means your customers or business users will be happier. You will never deliver anything that is not valuable to them.

Better visibility

Get buy in

Agile definition methods capture requirements and build roadmaps and plans in terms that anyone can understand. They make it easier to translate requirements into actions and manage expectations.

Track progress

Delivering incrementally in smaller chunks means it is easy to track progress, then convert this into plans and reports that people can understand. It is also easier to measure progress.

Lower risk

Less financial risk

Using Agile, it is more likely you will spend your budgets on higher value projects and initiatives, rather than wasting money on failed ones.

Less people risk

Agile principles advocate collaboration, flat structures and better communication between teams. In agile organisations there is greater commitment and less churn of team members.

Some ways we help clients

Agile reqirements capture and Roadmap defintion

We have helped several clients in defining their requirements for a new technology initiative, then mapping these into a clearly articulated roadmap

Technology selection and solution definition

Based on efficient requirement analysis we can advise on technology selection in the areas of retail, media and entertainment

Project and development approach

We implement improvements to customers delivery of technology projects and features

Team and operating models

We have helped clients define their team structure, roles and operating models based on new technology and propositions